Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush

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Product Description


Material: silicone

Brush size: length 5.5cm, dia. 2.5cm (2.5cmx7.5cm for large size brush)

Large Box: 8.5x3.5x3cm

Box Size: 7cmx3.5cm

Color: without box (only brush), pink box set, blue box set.

Weight: 13g box set, 4g brush (approx.)


The pet toothbrush is made of high quality silicone, eco friendly and non-toxic.

Soft, high transparency and high gloss.

Put your fingers into the toothbrush and help the pet clean the teeth or mouth.

Massage the gums, and promote teeth development.

The tooth brush shoube be checked priodically to see if there is any bike marks or crack.

The tooth brush should be exchanged every 2~3 months.